Raggier Plugin-Based Raytracer

Raggier Plugin-Based Raytracer


(17th January 2003) CVS Available (still in pre-alpha)

(9th April 2003) File release (win32 binary - generic version) of the libtrace library compiled with MingW and GCC 3.2.

(5th July 2003) Website created and Raggier paper abstract uploaded.

(18th November 2003) Recompiling with latest MingW and GCC 3.3.1, currently supports spheres and cylinders. Bug fixes in Cylinder support. Discovered Possible problems with Libtrace's Cylinder class are being investigated. Decided to call my modification of LibTrace, LibTraceMod. Name change should be reflected in the CVS. New mathematics class created for LibTraceMod which should handle overflows gracefully.

(5th March 2004) File release (win32 binary - generic version) of LibTraceMod - compiled with gcc 3.3.3 under MingW. This version has some new code for Matrix calculations and a new GPL'ed random number generator - Mersenne Twister by Makoto Matsumoto and Takuji Nishimura.

(8th November 2007) File release (win32 generic binary) compiled with GCC 3.45/MingW. See below.

Project Description

A plugin-based open source raytracer for educational and other use, supporting XML-format scenefiles, POVray and Polyray scenefiles. Other facilities planned in future include Lindermayer Systems (L-Systems), AVI/OGM (Ogg Vorbis)/Matroska animations and a Perl/PHP web interface.

Raggier uses the Libtrace library - modified with various fixes so far to (1) get it to compile using gcc 3.x and to (2) improve the results. The modified version is now called LibTraceMod and is available in the CVS.

Tested under: WinXP, Linux. The MingW environment is used to compile the Windows build.


Windows pre-release 0.21 binary

CVS snapshots are no longer available here. You must use CVS instead.
LibTraceMod win32 generic library binary (needed to link the raggier source)
Abstract of Paper on the Raggier Framework

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